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Every August the city of Edinburgh in Scotland turns into the Festival City, hosting a large number of events, such as the International Arts Festival, the International Book Festival, the International Jazz & Blues Festival, the International Film Festival, the Festival Fringe and the famous Military Tattoo. The various festivals cover a broad variety of cultural areas such as theatre, art, music, dance, cinematography, literature and many more. They attract thousands of tourists, visitors and local residents every year.

Navigation, orientation and planning can become a serious problem, especially for foreigners. Most of the festivals take place at multiple venues. There are dozens of events every day, including street shows as well as official events. And of course, there are beautiful parks, shops, pubs, restaurants, cafes, bars etc. The aim of this project is to develop a prototype application for the support of a visit to the Edinburgh festivals, based on ubiquitous and mobile information environments. The focus lies on context-aware presentation of information and services through various channels, capturing of personalised information and collaboration between multiple visitors.

The topics that are addressed by this project are Information Modelling and Publication, Interactive Paper and Networking.

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In this Project, we want to combine the technologies we have developed and put them to the test in a real-life mobile environment.
The situation we have chosen is the one of tourists travelling around in Edinburgh, Scotland to visit one of the many festivals held there during August. Alongside the famous military tattoo, there is a major international arts festival, a book festival, a film festival, various music festivals and, last but not least, the Fringe Festival with contemporary dance, theatre, music and comedy, that together offer over thirty thousand individual events. Clearly, in such a situation a tourist
needs to be an information management expert to choose and find the performances.
During the festivals we want to investigate, how our technologies can improve the visitor experience by giving a prototype of our EdFest system to a selected number of tourists.

Testing our technologies however is only one aspect of the project. In studying our system in a real-life situation, we also hope to gain further insight into what other challenges mobile and ubiquitous systems might pose to information systems in the future.
Consequently, the project runs for three years:


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