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OMS is a suite of tools and technologies designed to support the development of database application systems from conceptual modelling through to implementation. All stages are based on the same abstract model of the application domain thereby ensuring that the application programmer's model matches that of the initial conceptual design. OMS includes its own object model, inclusive of a full operational model, designed to be both semantically expressive and suited to efficient data management.

We advocate that rapid prototyping be incorporated as early as possible in the development cycle and this is supported by the database prototyping system OMS Pro. The OMS Pro system provides full database functionality based on the OMS model in terms of persistence, querying, constraints, triggers and methods. Further, it supports the design process itself through graphical editors for model construction, transactional workspaces and schema evolution mechanisms. Because of the flexibility and portability of OMS Pro, it has also proved to be an excellent teaching platform and is used in various courses at ETH Zurich.

Once the design is complete, it can be exported in various formats including SQL and ODMG standards for relational and object-oriented databases, respectively. However, the mappings involved in exporting to these platforms result in a loss of semantic information and require that the application programmers must either work with a lower-level model than the original application model or explicitly handle the mapping between the computation and storage models.

OMS Java is a data management framework designed to provide a high-level application programming interface based on the information and storage abstractions of the OMS model. The storage abstraction layer provides storage platform independence allowing a storage platform to be selected based on requirements, budget and experience. A range of storage platforms have been integrated into the framework including simple persistent Java solutions, relational storage engines accessed via JDBC and commercial object-oriented database management systems.


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